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1st U.S. Offshore Wind Project Has No Buyers Of Its Electricity

(28 Jan 2015) The $2.6 billion Cape Wind project, a private operation benefiting from millions in federal subsidies, would have wind turbines installed off the coast of Massachusetts' Cape Cod. 2 utility companies, NSTAR and National Grid, terminated their agreements to purchase 77.5% of the project's electricity when Cape Wind failed to secure financing and begin construction by Dec. 31. Cape Wind had also been unable to find a buyer for the other 22.5%. (Source: 23 Jan 2015 FOX News)

Michigan Has More Food Stamp Recipients Than Government K-12 Students

(28 Jan 2015) Michigan has 1.68 million food stamp (SNAP) recipients and 1.56 million public school students. (Sources: U.S. Agriculture Dept., Michigan Dept. of Education, 29 Dec 2014 Breitbart News)

National Debt Continues To Soar

(8 Jan 2015) During the 71 full months of Czar Obama's reign, the national debt increased by $7.51 trillion to $18.14 trillion, at an annual rate of $1.27 trillion. The increase in the last 12 months was $0.79 trillion. During Bush's 95 full months, the debt increased $4.98 trillion at an annual rate of $0.63 trillion. Obama's rate is 2.02 times Bush's. Bush was bad ... Obama is horrible.

I Am Sure Glad We Have The 1 Percenters

(8 Jan 2015) In 2012, 136.1 million federal personal income tax returns were filed with adjusted gross incomes (AGIs) of $9.04 trillion. Total taxes were $1.185 trillion. The 1% of returns with the highest AGIs reported 21.9% of the income and paid 38.1 % of the taxes. The bottom 90% paid only 29.8% of the taxes. The top 50% paid 96.7% of the taxes. The top 1% paid an effective income tax rate of 22.8% and the bottom 50% paid an effective rate of 3.28%. (Sources: IRS, 22 Dec 2014 Tax Foundation)

Student Loans Exceed $1 Trillion

(8 Jan 2015) In Nov. 2014, the federal direct student loan balance was $0.81 trillion. In Sept. 2014, the total federal and private student loan balance was $1.13 trillion. (Sources: Treasury Dept., Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

Federal Bureaucrats Delay Oil, Natural Gas, Coal And Wind Projects For 6 Years

(1 Jan 2015) Sales of leases on 8.1 million acres of federal oil, natural gas, coal and wind energy parcels in 7 states have been on hold since 2008 by the Bureau of Land Management because of sage grouse. The 6-yer delay is in spite of the sage grouse being neither endangered (there are 500,000) or protected. During this time, the national active federal oil / natural gas lease acreage has decreased more than 20% to 26.6 million acres. The regulatory effort related to the sage grouse includes overhauling 99 federal land-use plans. Since 2008, only 1 plan has been completed. (Source: 5 Dec 2014 Associated Press)

Immigrant Employees Increasing ... Employment Of Americans Born In U.S. Decreasing

(28 Dec 2014) The number of working legal and illegal immigrants has risen by 2 million, from 23.1 million in Nov. 2007 to 25.1 million in Nov. 2014. During the same time period, the number of working Americans born in the U.S. has decreased by 1.5 million. The working-age population grew 11 million. (Source: 19 Dec 2014 Center for Immigration Studies)

More Illegal Aliens Entered In 2014, But Fewer Were Deported

(28 Dec 2014) DHS is funded to deport 400,000 immigrants a year, but deported only 102,000 in fiscal 2014. Illegal immigration rose 16% in fiscal year 2014, while deportations fell 24%. (Source: 19 Dec 2014 Dept. of Homeland Security)

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