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National Public Debt ... Trump A Little Better Than Obama

(8 Nov 2019) During Bush's 95 full months, the debt increased at an annual rate of $630 billion. During Obama's, the annual rate was $1.180 trillion. During Trump's 33 full months, the annual rate was $1.117 trillion. In FY 2012, interest on the national debt was $360 billion ... $459 billion in FY 2017 ... $574 billion in last 12 months (nearly the combined federal annual cost of the 4 largest welfare programs: Medicaid $389 billion, refundable portion of earned income and additional child tax credits $76 billion, food stamps $68 billion, housing assistance $48 billion).

Finland's Government Resigns ... Unable to Reform Welfare Costs, Including Health Care

(31 Mar 2019) Finland's entire government resigned on March 8 over its failure to achieve social welfare and health care reform. Finland's extensive welfare systems are under financial pressure as the nation's population ages, yet reform plans remain politically controversial. Sound familiar? The national Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has the highest decision-making authority, and local governments are responsible for providing health care to residents. Taxes pay 75% of health spending. 90% of doctors work for the government. (Source: 8 Mar 2109 BBC)

63% Of Non-Citizen Households On Welfare

(31 Mar 2019) In 2014, 63% of households headed by a non-citizen reported that they used at least one welfare program, compared to 35% of native-headed households. Medicaid 50% vs 23%, food 45% vs 21%, California 72% vs 35%, Texas 69% vs 35%. (Sources: Census Bureau, 2 Dec 2018 Center for Immigration Studies)

More Injection-Drug Users In San Francisco Than Students In 15 Government High Schools

(7 Mar 2019) There are about 24,500 injection drug users in S.F. and 16,000 students enrolled in S.F. Unified School District’s 15 high schools. (Source: S.F. Health Department)

Socialist "Free" Food Caused Restaurants To Close

(22 Feb 2019) Panera Bread's socialist pay-what-you-want Panera Cares closed its last restaurant due to the business model's unsustainability. Students ate without paying and homeless patrons visited the restaurant every day. (Source: 6 Feb 2019 Dailywire)

Sexual Assaults By Illegal Aliens In Texas

(22 Feb 2019) In the last 7 years, over 4,000 illegal aliens have been incarcerated for sexual assault in Texas. 62% of them were sexual assaults against children. (Source: Chief of the Intelligence Counter-terrorism Division with the Texas Department of Public Safety)

58,000 Non-Citizens May Have Illegally Voted In Texas

(2 Feb 2019) Approximately 95,000 non-citizens currently have a matching voter registration record in Texas. Approximately 58,000 have voted in 1 or more Texas elections. (Source: 25 Jan 2019 Texas Secretary of State)

Medicaid Is Largest Federal Welfare Program

(2 Feb 2019) Federal costs for the largest welfare programs in 2017 were Medicaid ($374 billion), the refundable portions of earned income and additional child tax credits ($79 billion), and food stamps ($70 billion). (Source: 3 July 2018 Single Mother Guide)

63% Of Non-Citizen Households Receive Welfare ... 35% Of Native Households

(2 Jan 2019) Medicaid 50% and 23%, respectively ... food 45% and 21% ... cash 31% and 19%. (Sources: Census Bureau, Center for Immigration Studies)

Low-Income People Subsidize High-Income Electric-Car Buyers

(2 Jan 2019) More than half of electric-car buyers claiming the tax credit make more than $200,000 per year and nearly 80% make more than $100,000. (Sources: IRS, Pacific Research Institute)

2 Cradle-To-Grave Welfare-State Programs

(3 Dec 2018) In June, there were 73 million people enrolled in Medicaid. Total spending was $557 billion in FY 2017, with 62% paid by the federal government and 38% financed by states. In July, 38.9 million people received food stamps (SNAP). The annual cost was $68.1 billion. (Sources: 25 Oct 2018 Kaiser Family Foundation, Dept. of Agriculture)

Who pays Their Fair Share?

(3 Dec 2018) In 2016, the top 1% of taxpayers paid 37.3% of the federal individual income tax. The top 10% paid 69.5% and the top 50% paid 97.0%. (Sources: IRS, 16 Oct 2018 Bloomberg)

An Authoritarian Cradle-To-Grave Welfare State

(13 Nov 2018) In each of the 5 years from 2013 through 2017, at least 51% of residents under 18 lived in households receiving government assistance based on the households’ low income. (Source: Census Bureau)

Permanent Residence For 1.1 Million Immigrants Last Year

(21 Oct 2018) 1,127,167 immigrants received their permanent residence last year … 4th highest annual level in the past 100 years. 72% in W.V. want less immigration … 70% in Louisiana, 65% in Ohio, 64% in Tenn., 64% in Mich., 63% in Missouri, 63% in Nevada, 62% in Texas, 62% in Ariz., 62% in Florida, 61% in Montana, 61% in Idaho, 60% in N.C. Even liberal N.Y. (57%) and California (56%) want less immigration. (Source: NumbersUSA)

Medicare For All … $3 Trillion Per Year Increase In Spending

(20 Aug 2018) Providing Medicare for everyone would increase government spending by $32.6 trillion for a 10-year period (2022-2031). Other studies of socialist Bernie Sanders’ 2016 plan ranged from $24.7 to $34.7 trillion. (Source: 30 July 2018 Associated Press News)

Politicians Set Higher Wages And Employees Lose Jobs

(20 Aug 2018) N.J. has a minimum wage of $8.60. People who support a more authoritarian government want $15 by 2024. A study completed in May concluded 31,889 jobs would be lost … 10,473 age 16-19 … 4,900 age 20-24. (Source: May 2018 Employment Policies Institute)

61,000 More 401(k) Accounts Worth $1 Million

(18 Aug 2018) When Trump took office, there were 107,000 401(k) accounts with a balance of at least $1 million. Now, there are 168,000. (Source: 16 Aug 2018 CNBC)

Criminal Aliens

(18 Aug 2018) A total of 57,820 known or suspected aliens were in DOJ custody at the end of FY 2018 Q1. Of this total, 42,284 people had been confirmed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to be aliens. Approximately 16,233 aliens in USMS custody required housing in state, local, and private facilities, which cost $1.46 million a day. Criminal aliens arrested in Texas between 2011 and 2018 who had prior interaction with DHS resulting in the collection of their fingerprints: more than 663,000 criminal offenses; 1,351 homicides; 7,156 sexual assaults; 79,049 assaults; 815 kidnappings; 44,882 thefts. (Source: 7 June 2018 Dept. of Justice)

Obama Care Keeps Getting Worse

(10 June 2018) Maryland Obama Care insurers CareFirst, BlueCross and BlueShield plan to raise rates on the exchanges for 2019 by 18% for an HMO plan and 91% for a PPO plan. Kaiser Permanente, the state’s other Obama Care insurer, asked for a rate increase of 37%. (Source: 8 May 2018 Washington Examiner)

Another $3 Billion Per Year From California Taxpayers To Illegal Aliens

(10 June 2018) Health committees in California’s Assembly and Senate have passed bills to provide Medicaid benefits to adult illegal aliens … minor illegal aliens already qualify. The annual cost may be $3 billion. (Source: 21 May 2018 POLITICO)

The Longer Congress Delays, The More Drastic The Solution Will Have To Be

(9 June 2018) The Medicare Part A Trust Fund (hospital, home health following hospital stay, skilled nursing facility and hospice care) is estimated to be $0 in 2026, 3 years earlier than predicted last year. In 2026, revenues will be sufficient to pay 91% of costs and decline to only 78% in 2039. (Source: 2018 Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees Annual Report)

Expensive Renewable Electricity In California

(10 May 2018) Texas produces more than twice the amount of wind, solar and other renewable electricity as California, while California’s retail electric rates were 89% higher than Texas’ in 2017. (Source: 7 May 2018 Forbes)

157 Federal Welfare Programs

(29 Apr 2018) In 2011, there were 157 federal programs that supplied benefits to low-income people … $60,000 per household that was below the poverty level. The median income of all households in the U.S. was $50,054, lower than welfare household’s average benefits. Medicaid was the largest … a combined federal and state cost of $434 billion to 69 million people. Food stamps was second … federal cost of $78.4 billion in 2012 to 46.6 million people. (Sources: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, Carleson Center for Welfare Reform).

More Working-Age Immigrants On Medicaid And Food Stamps Than Native-Born

(21 Apr 2018) Immigrants are increasingly better-educated, but are also increasingly not entering the workforce. Nearly 17% of recent immigrants in prime working age are on Medicaid and nearly 13% receive food stamps, exceeding rates for native-born residents. (Sources: Center for Immigration Studies, 18 Apr 2018 Washington Times)

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