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Illegal Aliens Cost Taxpayers $135 Billion A Year

(9 Dec 2017) Illegal aliens cost states $89 billion a year and cost federal taxpayers $46 billion a year for education, welfare, law enforcement and medical care. These costs include the offsets of taxes paid by illegal aliens. The $89 billion includes California $23.0 billion, Texas $11.0 billion and New York $7.5 billion. (Sources: Federation for American Immigration Reform, 1 Dec 2017 Washington Examiner)

Highest Murder Rates: St. Louis 59.8, Baltimore 51.4, Detroit 45.2 Per 100,000 Residents

(9 Dec 2017) St. Louis has had a Democrat mayor since 1949 and is 46.5% black. Baltimore 1967 and 61.2%. Detroit 1962 and 79.2%.

Will Trump Slow The Bush / Obama Increases In The National Public Debt?

(7 Dec 2017) During Bush's 95 full months, the debt increased at an annual rate of $630 billion. During Obama's, the annual rate was $1.180 trillion. During Trump's 10 full months, the annual rate was $784 billion. (Source: Treasury Dept.)

Federal Taxpayers Subsidize Construction Of Sports Stadiums

(7 Nov 2017) Since 2000, the federal government has subsidized $3.7 billion in tax-exempt bonds for stadium construction. Of the 45 stadiums constructed between 2000 and 2016, 36 took advantage of the tax-free bonds. (Sources: Bloomberg, Brookings Institute)

High-Income People Pay More Than Their Fair Share

(22 Oct 2017) In 2015, 1% of the federal income tax returns paid 39.0% of the taxes ... 10% paid 70.6% ... 50% paid 97.2%. 34% of the returns paid no income tax. (Source: 13 Oct 2017 National Taxpayers Union)

Obama Care Premiums Will Increase 45% In 2018 In Florida

(22 Oct 2017) Requested Obama Care premiums in Florida for 2018 will increase an average of 44.7%. Molina Healthcare requested the highest increase … 71.2%. In 2013, an unsubsidized plan comparable to an existing silver plan would have cost a family of 4 an average of $7,200. In 2018, the average unsubsidized cost for the same family will be $17,000. There were 21 participating insurers in 2015 … 19 in 2016 … 14 in 2017 … 9 in 2018. 42 Florida counties will only have 1 health insurer participating on the exchange in 2018. (Sources: Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, 8 Oct 2017 Washington Free Beacon)

Funding Of Organization To Resist Trump

(5 Oct 2017) The 3 largest contributions to the Center for Community Change Action (active in anti-Trump resistance) in 2015 were $3 million from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (food), $2.35 million from the Ford Foundation (motor vehicles) and $1.75 million from the Open Society Foundation (George Soros). (Source: 4 Oct 2017 Washington Free Beacon)

Illegal Aliens And Their Citizen Children Cost $134.9 Billion Per Year

(28 Sept 2017) Illegal aliens (12.5 million) and their citizen children (4.2 million) cost taxpayers a net $115.9 billion each year, reflecting $19.0 billion they pay in taxes. The costs to state and local governments are $89.0 billion, including $44.4 billion for education. The cost to federal taxpayers is $45.9 billion, including $17.1 billion for medical. (Source: Sept 2017 Federation for American Immigration Reform)

Why Are Taxpayers Forced To Support NFL Teams?

(28 Sept 2017) Here is a list of new taxpayer-supported NFL stadiums in the last 10 years: Indianapolis Colts (Lucas Oil Stadium), Dallas Cowboys (AT&T Stadium), New York Jets and Giants (MetLife Stadium), Minnesota Vikings (U.S. Bank Stadium), Atlanta Falcons (Mercedes-Benz Stadium), San Francisco 49ers (Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara). 2 more coming soon: Los Angeles Chargers and Rams, Las Vegas Raiders. There is an $83 million taxpayer debt on 2-decades-old renovations to the Alameda County Coliseum that the Raiders are abandoning. (Source: 27 Sept 2017 Townhall)

Chain Migration Would Result If Illegal Aliens Enrolled In DACA Are Given Amnesty

(24 Sept 2017) Amnesty for the 723,000 illegal alien minors enrolled in the DACA program would result in green cards that lead to naturalization. Then, chain migration starts for each one's extended family that could result in 3,037,000 more. (Source: 19 Sept 2016 NumbersUSA)

High Levels Of Single-Parent Black Families And High Levels Of Poverty

(24 Sept 2017) In 1938, 11% of black children were born to unwed mothers. Today, about 75% of black children are born to unwed mothers. In 1960, only 22% of black children were raised in single-parent families. In 2010, more than 70% of black children were raised in single-parent families. Only 8% of black married-couple families live in poverty. Poverty in black families headed by single women is 37%. (Sources: 1938 Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, 20 Sept 2017 Townhall)

Dependency Will Probably Shift From Parents To Taxpayers

(20 Aug 2017) In 2015, large percentages of young adults (18 to 34 years old) lived with their parents ... NJ 46.9, CT 41.6, NY 40.6, MD 38.5, FL 38.3 and CA 38.1. When their parents die, they will probably be dependent on taxpayers for Medicaid, food stamps, earned income tax credit and housing assistance.

Obama Care Continues Along The Road To Ruin

(20 Aug 2017) Medica, Iowa's only Obama Care insurer, has proposed a 57% premium increase for 2018. (Source: 17 Aug 2017 Fox News)

Interior Dept. Does Not Keep Tract Of Grants Awarded To Buy Land

(14 Aug 2017) In 2014-15, there were 16 Interior Dept. programs that awarded 701 grants to purchase $815 million worth of land. Interior "does not centrally track information about grants awarded for the purpose of acquiring land" and many of the grant recipients did not report their land inventories to the department programs that funded them, which violated federal regulations. (Sources: 2 Aug 2017 Interior Dept. Inspector General, 3 Aug Daily Signal)

Welfare For LA County Illegal Aliens

(6 Aug 2017) Illegal alien families received $1.28 billion in Los Angeles County welfare money during 2015 and 2016 ... more than 58,000 families received a total of $602 million in benefits in 2015 ... more than 64,000 families received a total of $675 million in 2016. During the first 5 months of 2017, more than 60,000 families received a total of $181 million. (Source: LA County Dept. of Public Social Services)

Obama Care Continues To Rot

(6 Aug 2017) 1,332 counties (over 40%) will have only 1 health insurer operating on the Obama Care exchanges in 2018. 40 counties will have no choice. Average premiums increased by 21.6% in 2017. (Sources: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 28 July 2017 Associated Press)

Socialized Health Care: No Surgery For Smokers And Overweight Patients

(6 Aug 2017) In North Yorkshire, England, hospitals have decided to reduce expenses by denying hip and knee surgeries to smokers who refuse to quit, and to those overweight with body mass indices above 30. The British National Health Service and the U.S. Veterans Health Administration are 2 of the last remaining socialized health care systems in the world. Both systems have single-payer government-run health insurance, and the government owns the hospitals and employs the doctors. (Source: 4 Sept 2016 Forbes)

Authoritarian Nanny-State School District Bans Chocolate Milk

(23 July 2017) San Francisco elementary and middle schools will have the devil's brew known as chocolate milk eliminated when they open this fall ... eliminated in the high schools in the spring. Los Angeles banned it over a period of 6 years before serving it again. Schools serving only white milk wound up with far less milk consumed and more thrown in the trash. (Source: 16 July 2017 Hot Air)

Low-Income People Pay For Tax Credits When High-Income People Buy Electric Cars

(23 July 2017) Since 2006, 90% of all tax credits for buying electric vehicles went to people with incomes in the top 20%. (Source: July 2015 Haas School of Business, University of California-Berkeley)

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